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Training Components

Training Components

The course designed in a top down approach is a unique blend of technical skills, analytical skills, soft skills and the English language skills. The Curriculum is updated every year to accommodate the changing requirements of the IT Industry. The systematic approach ensures that internees are prepared for their work by having necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to do their job.


It is the application of the concepts through activity based learning which makes our training different from others. Most demanding Information Technologies of today are taught in Finishing School.


  • DotNet
  • J2EE
  • Testing
  • Infrastructure Management Services

Soft Skills

Leadership qualities, team spirit and conflict management are other major qualities that are needed in the corporate world. Secured life style provided by the parents, the individual performance based learning system has subdued the qualities and the need for taking leadership initiatives and team spirit in the graduate. FS is keen in enabling them with the empowerment of these skills which are essential to be a successful professional.

Key Features
  • Emphasis is on overall development
  • Activity driven soft skills
  • Tool based self-evaluation and analysis
  • Individual mentoring

Analytical Skills

Problem solving skills are the much expected skills for a Fresher. Finishing School prepares internees on aptitude through an extensive coverage including Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Aptitude and Verbal Ability. Emphasis is given on solving the problems in specific time using shortcuts and reasoning.

Life Skills for Total Wellness :

With production being the main objective of any company, targets and work pressures are two major issues that every individual has to learn to tackle irrespective of position, work and gender round the clock. As well easy access to money and with a lot of freedom many could choose to some unhealthy stress busters. India being with so much of tradition and culture has laid down to us some of the effective methodologies to overcome such issues. One such beautiful method is yoga.

Key Features
  • Yoga, Pranayama , Meditation and Food habits.
  • Yoga is Indian, proven and no side effects.
  • It becomes part of our learning.
  • It is done in need based modules.

English Language

Undoubtedly English needs to be looked at as an Essential Skill. India with the demographic dividend to take the globalization advantage the English Skill is absolutely a skill of utmost essentiality. It is more than grammar that English should be looked upon. The ability to communicate fluently and efficiently enables an individual’s confidence level and it sheds team inhibitions/stage fear.

Key Features
  • Application of English language.
  • Activity based language learning.
  • Promote participation in drama, oration, essay writing and analyze articles.
  • Emphasis on oral and written communication.


Exposure to Industry Standards through live project. Unique features of Internship include:

  • Individual project
  • Virtual work place
  • Delivery centric approach
  • Progressive evaluation at every project milestone
  • Task Sheets, Project Plan, Periodic Reviews

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